Venkatachalam (Lakshmi) Sitalakshmi

Dr. Tejas Modi


(408) 679-4345


DRE # 02078213

A long-time resident of the Bay Area, Venkatachalam Sitalakshmi (Lakshmi) understands the appeal that Silicon Valley holds for buyers, with its unparalleled liveliness, weather, and diverse population. Lakshmi was previously an elementary school teacher in Fremont. If there is one thing that she took away from being a teacher, it is the importance of being patient, enthusiastic, and dedicated. Lakshmi still epitomizes these qualities now as a realtor. Whatever your real estate needs, rest assured that Lakshmi knows the ins and outs about location, property value, pricing, and current market trends. Her accessibility and constant communication make her clients' real estate experience smooth, swift, and stress-free. Lakshmi really enjoys her work and loves to meet new people and be a part of their real estate journey.