Nate Rizvi

Dr. Tejas Modi


(510) 372-7782

Union City

CA DRE# 02129379

Nate’s real estate journey started in 2002 when he purchased two rental properties based on his own market analysis, real estate acumen, and out of box thinking. Throughout past 18 years, he bought and sold many properties and still manages his rental properties. With his reputation as real estate geek, he has been the “go to” person to discuss all real estate related projects.

His vast professional background within corporate finance gives him edge over others in understanding real estate industry, market data, current & future trends, and state of today’s market. He understands when is the right time to purchase and when to sell. He can develop quick financial tools and models to determine best investment ranges to help his clients achieve maximum possible gains.

If you are a first time home buyer or interested in rental properties, thinking of upgrading current home, looking for a vacation/second home or need to do 1031 exchange, looking for a fixer upper to flip, and need a local expert, use Nate’s 20 years of real estate experience to your advantage.

Even if you are not interested in buying or selling real-estate and just need an honest advise about current or future real estate trends, should you upgrade or not, can you afford to upgrade, how to payoff mortgage faster, or how to save money without any obligation, ask Nate. He is always happy to use his real estate and financial knowledge to help others. His favorite quote is “best gift you can give someone is a good advice” and he literally practice it every day.