Girish Bangalore

Dr. Tejas Modi


(408) 420-0646


CA DRE# 02067090

Girish Bangalore is an accomplished entrepreneur with a rich history of managing businesses and business units since 2010. His journey commenced as a consultant and evolved into establishing his successful company. He is a dedicated learner, viewing life's challenges as invaluable opportunities for growth.

During his MBA years, Girish developed a profound passion for Real Estate, recognizing its alignment with his fundamental values. His deep affection for the profession stems from his love for working with people, comprehending and fulfilling their needs, and establishing enduring relationships. He firmly believes in leaving behind only positive and enduring memories.

Girish's professional ethos revolves around unwavering honesty, authenticity, transparency, and integrity standards. These principles have been instrumental in cultivating lifelong connections with both clients and colleagues. Armed with a master’s degree in business, he has honed his skills in business management, economics, marketing, negotiation, and, most significantly, in creating value for his customers.

Girish is committed to upholding excellence in guiding clients through informed decisions when buying or selling homes. His dedication to delivering nothing short of the best ensures a seamless and trustworthy experience for those he serves.