Tsung Shih 'Jason' Lin

Dr. Tejas Modi


(510) 552-9206


DRE #02061592

" When the needs of customers are met, you would get what you deserved." My previous real estate supervisor told me a long time ago. I always ask myself "What is the most beneficial to my clients ?"before I give out any advice, because customers satisfaction is my first priority. I have been volunteer of Red Cross and E.M.T. for more than 15 years in Taiwan. Since I moved to CA, I joined force with TZU CHI FOUNDATION whose charity works has spread more than 95 countries. Personally I participated in disaster relief for flood in Huston, fire in Santa Rosa and Paradise, earthquake in Mexico. I also regularly go to medical outreach and food distribution for financially challenging groups, like low income people or homeless. Last but not the least, I donate one-tenth of annual revenue every year to various charity organizations. Your commission to me would be part of your kindness to the needy.